Digital Radiography

Diagnostic tools such as radiography (x-ray) units are critical for veterinary clinics for the simple reason that our pets can’t talk to us and tell us what is wrong when they have a problem. Sometimes, an external exam does not provide all the information a veterinarian needs to determine the overall health of your pet. An important diagnostic tool that we use at Meridian Animal Clinic is digital radiography. It can be extremely beneficial in helping our veterinarian locate broken bones, objects your pet may have swallowed, fluid buildup, tumors, enlarged organs, and the presence of pneumonia.

The advantage of digital radiography is that it provides images much faster and with greater clarity than traditional x-ray methods that require the processing of films. Additionally, these digital images can be manipulated, enhanced and contrasted, as well as viewed from different angles. This manipulation helps our doctor diagnose a condition more accurately since it allows him to see exactly what he wants to see.

Digital radiography is becoming the standard of care for progressive veterinary clinics, and it enables our doctor to make better informed, immediate decisions for the health of your pet.