There’s nothing like a warm soapy bath and shampoo to make you feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Imagine how great your pet will feel after getting a sudsy scrub, brushing, detangling, and overall grooming.

We realize that sometimes you need a little help keeping your pet clean. The caring staff at Meridian Animal Clinic performs both general cleaning baths and medicated baths that fit into our skin therapy protocols. We have a variety of pet shampoos and conditioners and will choose the best to fit your pet’s individual needs.

Other grooming tasks include nail trimming to help keep the nails short, thereby reinforcing healthy foot structure and posture and reducing the risk of infection.

Keeping your pet trimmed or shaved in the summer months can keep him cooler and more comfortable. Also ask our knowledgeable staff about ear cleaning and anal gland expression when you call to make the appointment for your pet.